About Us

The New York Chapter of the National African American Insurance Association includes executives, agents, brokers, attorneys, claims & risk professionals, underwriters, and others in insurance-related fields who either work or live in New York.

Founded on July 14, 2004 with a mission of creating a network of insurance professionals within the New York Area to foster career and business opportunities, we strive to promote a collaborative culture in which all voices can be heard.

The National African American Insurance Association New York Chapter (NAAIA-NY) is an organization of talented professionals in New York, connecting the insurance industry to a talented pipeline of diverse business individuals.

NAAIA-NY is setting the bar for insurance professionals through continuing education learning, networking, community engagement, and a strong network of professionals to mentor and coach others who aspire to optimize their career opportunities. 

The executive leadership team is tasked with assisting individuals in reaching a performance level of their peers and setting the standard for innovative thinkers. The programming is developed to encourage individuals to become influential within their organizations through knowledge as thought leaders and innovators. As we develop our members, we expect a level of engagement that will result in dividends through career advancement and attainment of key positions within the industry.

Are you ready for the challenge? Join today and become an insurance professional seeking to be the change.